Answered By: Kultida Dunigan
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One good place to start for this topic would be Literature Notebooks online, which can be found on the library's website here: (Remember, when accessing most library databases from home you will need your T number).

Here you can look up literary critiques that place Pride and Prejudice in context. You can browse by the book's title or author's name. Click on one of the "View" links to see the full text. Look at what the article has to say about gender relationships and marriage. You will want to keep an eye out for some of the following things as you do your research:

  • Mary Wollenstonecraft, a contemporary of Jane Austen who espoused women's rights.
  • Marriage and spinsterhood in early 19th century England
  • Norms of women's education and conduct
  • The way of life among Jane Austen's social stratum, the landed gentry
  • English traditions of courtship

In addition to Literature Notebooks online, you'll want to use our Academic Search Premier database. Limit your search to full text articles and scholarly articles by checking the appropriate boxes. Start with a keyword search "pride and prejudice" and marriage. Then, after clicking on a relevant article, look under "Subject Terms."

For Academic Search Premier, you will want to use subject terms like "marriage in literature". You can find this on our main database page here: Try using your author's name as a phrase in a keyword search; this will give you information not just about the author's book, but also about influences that affected your author's ideas about marriage when she was writing her book.