Answered By: Kultida Dunigan
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You should start by using JSTOR and Academic Search Premier. By doing a search of hemoglobin and sickle cell in JSTOR you can get a good list of journal results to get you started. Many of these articles will be highly technical and require you to do some more background research before you can fully appreciate or integrate them into your paper.

For example, using search terms you come across of the types of hemoglobin, you may want to perform new searches using their official chemical designations (i.e. deoxyhemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin, etc.) rather than just putting in 'types of hemoglobin', as you will likely get too many irrelevant results otherwise.

To access our scientific journals, go here:

For a good overview and review of hemoglobin's function in the body, take a look at the following link or look at the video below: